These terms and 条件 refer to the University of 格林威治 website accessible via www.格林威治.ac.Uk,或其任何变体. 这是UC8体育的官方网站, 旧皇家海军学院, 公园行, 格林威治, 伦敦SE10 9LS.

The website develops constantly, and information it contains is subject to change without notice. 大学尽一切努力确保内容准确无误.


The University of 格林威治 is not responsible for the content of external websites that link to or from our website.

UC8体育尽一切努力确保外部链接没有病毒, but accept no liability for damage caused by viruses acquired from or appearing to have been acquired from the University of 格林威治 website.


This edition of the prospectus describes the 服务 and courses that the University intends to offer in the coming academic year.

We make every effort to ensure our prospectus information is as accurate as possible at the time of printing.  然而, this information is subject to change over time and it is important that you check the University's website for the most up to date information. 《UC8体育》所载的资料有何改动, any significant changes to a course will be notified to any prospective student who has registered an interest in the programme and also notified to applicants at the time of making an offer. 如阁下对招股说明书有任何意见,请电邮与UC8体育联络 courseinfo@quinbrowne.com(英国学生), international@quinbrowne.com(国际/欧盟学生)和 postgraduateresearch_admissions@quinbrowne.com(哲学硕士/博士研究生).

The University of 格林威治 will do all that it reasonably can do to provide educational 服务 as described on its website and prospectus. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control mean that we cannot provide such educational 服务. 这可能是因为,例如:

  • 大学教职员或第三方的劳工行动;
  • 大学主要教职员意外离职或缺席;
  • 恐怖主义行为;
  • 任何政府或地方当局的行为;
  • 流行病:疾病的流行或大流行;
  • academic changes within subject areas; or
  • where the numbers recruited to a course are so low that it is not possible to deliver an appropriate quality of education for students enrolled on it.

在这种情况下, the University will take all reasonable steps to minimise the resultant disruption to those 服务, 例如,通过合理的修改, 但在一般法律之下,这是完全可能的, the University excludes liability for any loss and/or damage suffered by any applicant.


  • 课程的内容和大纲,包括与实习有关的内容;
  • 上课时间、地点及次数;
  • 学习课程的内容或方法;
  • the 检查 process; and
  • 评估的时间和方法.

Many of the changes that we make are in response to feedback from students and are intended to improve the 经验 of students and student outcomes.

Where circumstances demand an unavoidable change or where it is necessary for the University to discontinue a course of study, the University will take reasonable steps to minimise the effect for applicants and all significant changes will be notified promptly as set out above. UC8体育学生保护计划 sets out the steps we will take to protect the quality and continuity of study for students. 如果您对任何建议的更改有任何特别的担忧, you should make the University aware as soon as possible by contacting us at the email addresses provided above.

You should also be aware that some of the programmes listed in the prospectus are subject to final approval. 在不太可能发生的情况下,课程在开课日期前未获批准, 这门课不开了,你也不能上课了. 这种情况会发生吗, you will be informed by the University and assistance will be provided to those who have been offered a place to find a suitable alternative course at the University. 课程在哪里等待最终批准, 这将在在线招股说明书的课程条目中明确说明.

招股说明书描述了UC8体育提供的课程. 作为一名学生, 你会收到进一步描述教学的材料, 检查, 评估和其他教育服务, and information on the social side of student life at the time that any offer is made to you and subsequently upon enrolment. Your application to the University will be considered in accordance with the University's 招生政策及程序, which also sets out your right to complain if you are dissatisfied with the handling of your application.

你应该继续注册成为这所大学的学生吗, 你会被要求同意学校的建议 登记的主要条件 and your studies will be undertaken and governed in accordance with the University's Student Regulations, Policies and Procedures (see the current year's versions here). Please note that the 登记的主要条件 and the Student Regulations, 政策和程序每年在学年开始时更新. 虽然变化通常并不显著, the current year's versions should be treated as indicative and you should familiarise yourself with the documents applicable to your year of registration when you enroll. A summary of changes to regulations and policies is provided to continuing students at the start of each academic year.

如果你成为一名学生, this notice shall constitute a term of the contract between you and the University of 格林威治. Any offer of a place is made on the basis that you consent to this notice as part of the contract.


如果UC8体育有理由相信你, 或任何代表你的人, 提供虚假信息, 遗漏了相关信息, made any misrepresentation and/or provided counterfeit or forged documents while applying for a place, 学费评估, 或强制性或酌情裁决, we will take the steps necessary to establish the authenticity of the information.

If we suspect fraud, we can share information with outside agencies as indicated in our 学生私隐通告. 如果他们认为发生了欺诈, UC8体育有权取消你的申请, 撤回任何录取通知,并取消你的学生身份. We will ask you to provide further information or documentation in relation to your application or student status.


大学处理属于申请人的个人数据, students and others and complies at all times with current data protection legislation. 详情请参阅UC8体育隐私声明.